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Remote IT Administration by Infidati Ensures That Your Systems Are Working As Hard As You Are

Your business operations depend on mission-critical computer systems. Without them, you can't connect with customers, market your products or services, or earn revenue. These systems require constant upkeep, but you don’t have the time, resources, or funds to devote to them.

You need quick, easy access to company databases, but you don’t have the staff to manage large volumes of data. Plus, you need to focus on running a thriving business, not managing data.

Sound familiar?

We have the solution.

Expert Remote IT Administration Frees You Up to Grow Your Business

Infidati provides first-class system administration, database administration, and IT monitoring services to companies of all sizes. We set ourselves apart by focusing on these cornerstones:

Infidati has built an industry-leading team of technology experts with consummate skill in network and system management. Averaging 15 years of experience - in all types of environments and businesses of all sizes - we stay at the cutting edge of new technologies. All our expert administrators are based in the U.S., and we never outsource work overseas.

Your business depends on your systems being available 24 hours per day - so why hire an administrator who's only available for 8? We don't call in sick, we're never out on vacation, and we provide responsive, remote support and administration day and night, including holidays.

Some organizations require a team of full-time administrators for 24-hour support, while others need only a few hours of support per month. Big or small, we can handle it all. Our scalable services can be adapted to meet your company's needs, saving you time and money.

Learn more about our network and system administration services, and discover the Infidati difference.


  • I want you to know what a great first impression you've made, followed up with great follow through. I know it's probably all routine for you, but our little company is in far better shape than it was a week ago and I really appreciate a vendor that is so responsive. I can't thank you enough!

    - Rob Roesler of FanTab.com
  • I appreciate what you have been doing for us and while I know it is what we are paying you for I really appreciate your quick response times and attentive service when we have had issues.  Lets me worry about one less thing.

    - Joshua Hiebel of Saratoga Wine Exchange