What Place Does an Enterprise Server Administrator Have in the Cloud?

| March 27, 2013

As cloud computing gains more and more traction in the business world, the role of enterprise server administrator may seem almost a dinosaur. After all, the job of installing and maintaining servers can only last so long if the servers go off site. Still, the role can't be expected to disappear completely just because the servers are moved off-site. It is changing, and certainly in some ways moving out of the companies that do not maintain their servers on site. But as some positions close, others open. Opportunities still exist for the trained and talented enterprise server admin to serve an important function in this brave new world.

Companies in the Cloud May Need an Enterprise Server Administrator

Even if a company has moved many of its operations into the cloud, it may still have a need for an on-site enterprise server admin. The role may be pared down somewhat, but most companies will still have on-site servers. Even if they don't, a business needs to have someone within its organization who can work with the cloud provider to ensure that its services meet the company's evolving needs. The data still belongs to the business, and the risk of a cloud service provider failing to deliver rests largely on the company. Working to ensure consistent backup and security assurance may fall most appropriately on a trained server administrator.

Role of an Enterprise Server Administrator in a Private Cloud

There may be a greater need for someone to handle this role when a company operates in a private cloud. These services are still managed by the cloud provider, but are usually designed and tailored for the organization. Accordingly, as the company's needs develop, the administrator should have an active role in refining the cloud services and server requirements, as well as ensuring proper functionality and maintenance.

Roles with Cloud Providers for the Enterprise Server Administrator

Finally, the cloud providers themselves can benefit from someone who is experienced with providing dedicated service to a single company. As more of the server load and maintenance shifts to cloud service providers, those providers will take on more of the load that was handled on site. And cloud providers will work to differentiate themselves on the basis of service, both in terms of reliability and availability of bandwidth and the particular things they can do for a company looking to move its infrastructure into the cloud.

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