What to Expect from Your IaaS Cloud IT Services

| March 22, 2013

Infrastructure as a Service typically serves as the tipping point for companies looking to save money by moving into the cloud. IaaS allows you to scale your infrastructure to your operating needs, whether your business is growing or contracting, surging or slowing. You expect smooth functionality, and little to no server downtime, but there are additional items you should look for. While many offerings and models exist in the market, you should expect certain features of your IaaS cloud services as a minimum. This helps ensure that your needs are met, however flexible.

Clear Up-Front Pricing of IaaS Cloud IT Services

First of all, you should expect your cloud services provider to give clear pricing terms. Because you are paying only for what you need to use, the ultimate cost will depend on your usage patterns. To get a sense of what a given service will cost, then, you need to work with the service providers vying for your business to track what you use now and what you expect to use going forward. You can then consider your per-gigabyte costs and determine what you will actually be paying, and compare it to the costs of other providers and to continuing to invest in on-site capabilities. With that information, you can make an informed decision on how to best augment your bottom line.

Self-Service Within IaaS Cloud IT Services

Next, you should have the capability to order and modify your IaaS levels without going through someone else. While a good IaaS provider will have someone available 24/7, there are times you want to go in and handle routine changes and orders yourself, as well as monitor performance, usage, and actual costs incurred. A cloud services provider should allow you to take care of your everyday needs yourself, and be ready to step in when truly needed.

Human Interaction with Cloud IT Services Personnel

Conversely, there are times when you need—or just want—to speak to a live person. This may be for peace of mind when you are scaling up, for an explanation of a particular service option, or simply to walk through the troubleshooting process with an expert on the services you are purchasing. Whatever the reason, you should have the option to reach a representative who can take care of your needs as they arise.

All this, of course, merely scratches the surface of what to look for when moving part of your operations to an IaaS provider. We can sit with you and walk through the ins and outs of selecting and engaging IaaS cloud services. If you are ready to move forward and achieve the unique efficiencies the best of these providers can create for you, contact us today to assess your needs.