Top Three IT Outsourcing Companies

| August 16, 2013

IT Outsourcing Companies Grow In Popularity as Companies Seek More Efficient and Less Expensive Options

The most common definition of IT outsourcing is subcontracting or partnering with third-party companies to utilize their technical resources. Each company has a different reason for investigating IT outsourcing companies. As demand has grown, these providers have expanded the number and variety of services they offer to potential clients. Here are three of the top rated IT outsourcing companies and why they are preferred across the globe.

Accenture Offers Impressive Outsourcing Management Options

Accenture is arguably one of the most innovative IT outsourcing companies on the market. Their services are universal and adaptable to virtually every industry. They are best known for their application outsourcing, which is a powerful tool for companies looking to upgrade to the cloud.

Application outsourcing options include application management, application creation and testing, and application maintenance and repair.

Infosys Provides Exceptional Infrastructure Outsourcing Options

In-house IT infrastructure management is just one more responsibility of the company’s Chief Information Officer. This is not an issue for larger corporations that can employ more than one CIO to manage and oversee the entire IT department. However, for companies facing pressure to reduce costs and increase their technical demands, outsourcing provides a welcome relief.

The benefits of infrastructure outsourcing through IT outsourcing companies like Infosys include:

  • Development, monitoring, and maintenance throughout the lifetime of the client’s infrastructure needs
  • Knowledgeable and regular infrastructure updates on multiple platforms, such as within the cloud, traditional infrastructure systems, Software-as-a-Service, and many more

HCL Technologies Uses Their Employees as a Driving Force

HCL Technologies is known for leveraging their employees’ ideas and developing them into innovative, edgy technologies that have revolutionized the way their clients conduct business. Their Enterprise Transformation Services tackle a company’s outsourcing needs, from infrastructure development and application computing to company policy optimization and cutting-edge technology upgrades.

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