System and Network Administration - Which IT Processes Should Be Automated?

In the business world, automating processes can streamline workflow, eliminate errors, and save significant time and money. The key is determining which processes should be automated. For some tasks, human judgment will always be required—and in some cases, automation may have morale-inhibiting effects. On the other hand, a routine process that takes inordinate amounts of time from a large number of individuals could be ripe for automation.

Here are some of the processes that are best-suited to automation:

Data Backup and File Replication

Data backups must be completed regularly and precisely, and when performed manually, there is always a margin of error. Plus, the task is mundane and routine enough that there is little to no human judgment required. Data backup and file replication should follow strict protocols, and leaving this to human workers takes too long and introduces potential mistakes.

Basic Reporting

Nowadays, any decent database program can create automated reports on a regular schedule. Not only does this leverage the functionality of a tool in which your company has already invested, but it also allows your personnel to focus their time and attention on reports that require thought. Report automation can have the added benefit of boosting your team's morale by decreasing the drudgery of mundane tasks.

File Transfers

Building an automated file transfer process saves extensive person-hours and protects against human error. A process to encrypt data, move it securely to a data repository, and store it appropriately is essential when dealing with confidential information. In an environment where even a single error can have catastrophic repercussions, automating this process protects the business as well as its customers and clients.

Software Testing

Testing computer applications can be tedious, time-consuming work. Building a robust, automated process can increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors in fatigue or judgment, while allowing personnel to focus on tasks that better leverage their value. By keeping valuable employees focused on tasks best suited to their skill, experience, and knowledge, automation not only makes the business more efficient, but helps keep the employees happy as well.

Leveraging Automation for Your Business

Automating processes works well when it creates consistency across mundane tasks and allows workers to focus on more dynamic responsibilities. Identify and consider any task that wastes time or ability, and your business and personnel will prosper.

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