Running Web Server Administration in a Private Cloud

| March 11, 2013

Many people who are seeking to move aspects of their businesses into the cloud struggle with privacy and security concerns. After all, moving into the cloud, even if you are comfortable with cloud security on a general level, means putting important information into the hands of others. One solution is to build a private cloud for your own web server administration. This may seem daunting, but providers of cloud services are making it easier than ever to manage your data through private clouds.

Security Concerns Spur Web Server Administration Movement Toward Private Clouds

The security concerns with cloud computing are in some ways misplaced, as cloud providers tend to maintain the most up-to-date security options available. The concern for server administration professionals, though, is that when there is a problem, it tends to be magnified in the cloud.

The alternative of a private cloud can seem very attractive. Maintaining control over data can give peace of mind to nervous executives whose data represents their most valuable business commodity. Also, more web service providers are specializing in customizable options for businesses that want to leverage the cloud’s scalability without yielding all control to a public cloud provider.

Some Private Cloud Limitations for Web Server Administration

The move to private clouds is not without its drawbacks. One advantage of cloud computing, the ability to forego a large investment in infrastructure, dissipates somewhat with a private cloud. For companies, the move is a compromise, providing some cost benefits in exchange for an investment that may not be necessary for a public cloud.

In addition to the technology investment, a business must ensure that it has a staff with the knowledge base to maintain and operate a private cloud. Working in a public cloud means interacting with the service provider—but in a private cloud, the IT staff needs to be able to operate the cloud themselves.

Why Private Clouds for Web Server Administration Make Sense

Drawbacks aside, some businesses will find that a private cloud makes more sense. For companies in the financial or legal sectors, protecting their clients’ data is essential to survival. And large companies seeking to preserve market share may find the cloud savings helpful, but not at the expense of a potential loss of proprietary information.

Working with a cloud architect can be a huge help in setting up a private cloud for your company’s specific needs. Cisco, Amazon, and other large providers can help set this up, but employing someone with architectural expertise will allow you to be much more proactive in developing a private cloud.

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