Not All Network Monitoring Software Programs are Created Equal

| November 26, 2013

Not All Network Monitoring Software Programs are Created Equal

Network Monitoring Software: A Necessity for Security & Efficiency

It is an unfortunate truth that the Internet is a dangerous place. This is certainly true for personal use, but even more so in the business sector, where companies store their customers’ personal data and financial records, and talk with their employees and with other companies. Modern companies must consider the security of their computer networks and know how to best monitor them to stop issues before they arise.

What Exactly is Network Monitoring Software & Why Do I Need It?

Network monitoring software does exactly what its name suggests: it monitors a specific network in order to identify potential risks, alert IT specialists to strange behavior, and help locate problems before they can devastate the system. There are generic network monitoring software programs, but more often than not, companies invest in programs that are suited to their needs.

How Do I Choose Network Monitoring Software for my Company?

Choosing network monitoring software is a lot like choosing an overall security system. Begin by locating what parts of your network need the most monitoring. For example, a company that primarily communicates through email services wants a solution that focuses on email security, keeping out viruses and preventing unauthorized users from accessing confidential information. Companies that store their customers’ financial or personal data want a software program that closely monitors data storage and access systems.

Another factor to consider when choosing network monitoring software is who will have to run it. Would you rather outsource your network monitoring to avoid using IT hours and on-premise space? Or would you rather have total control of your network’s security? If the latter, it is important to invest in programs that your IT staff is already familiar with or can easily adapt to.

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