Network Administrator Positions in the Cloud Become Easier with Network Manager App

| December 2, 2013

Network Administrators Caught in Technology's Never Ending Evolutionary Race

Business technology is in an exciting period of flux, as most companies make the decision to stick with traditional computing methods or transition to the cloud. For a network administrator that is searching for a first job in the industry, or a seasoned technician whose company is debating the switch, it means having a plethora of knowledge about both traditional and modern business computing methods. The good news is that during this transition, there are companies out there striving to make life easier for administrators caught in the switch.

What is RightScale & What Does it Offer to a Network Administrator?

RightScale is an enterprise cloud management company that creates simpler and more cost-effective ways for businesses to transfer their data to the cloud, and for the in-house IT teams that have to learn the ins and outs of cloud management. They offer apps, data, and other services, ranging from security advancements to enhanced visualization tools. Because they are not device- or manufacturer-specific, all companies can benefit from their products.

One such product is their newest app, Network Manager.

The Network Manager App in All Its Glory

Network Manager is an app that takes all of the tasks and information across all networks and clouds (public or private) and puts them in one place so they are easier to manage. Some of the most exciting features include:

  • Advanced auditing tools that allow the network administrator to see who is logging in to make changes on any of the networks or on the management level in any of the clouds.
  • Error-free application deployment, which increases overall company efficiency on a technical level by using the traditional network configurations in a cloud environment.

RightScale also has several helpful options available around the clock, including a blog with video descriptions of how to use their apps and other resources. They also have a blog where RightSoale employees and customers can help each other with new apps or talk about their products.

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