Job Security as a System Network Administrator in the Era of Cloud Computing

| December 11, 2013

System Network Administrator Jobs: Changing Technology is Leaving Many Administrators Behind

Cloud computing is not the newest concept in business technology, but it is an advancement that has only been a major talking point for the last five to seven years. The last three years have seen more companies of all sizes embracing the benefits of public and private clouds, so it is more important than ever that every system network administrator stay ahead of the game and embrace the change. Let’s take a look at how cloud computing is affecting administrators and how to ensure that you are not left behind if your company decides to make the move to virtualization.

Cloud Computing Posing A Threat to Traditional System Network Administrator Roles

One of the biggest benefits for companies of all sizes in the cloud is the heavy reliance and availability of system maintenance applications. There are applications that can automatically update nearly every component in a system, perform regular backups and security checks, and alert IT teams or administrators when the infrastructure is in danger—and anything that is not covered by an app in the cloud can be outsourced relatively cheaply.

This knowledge has created a lot of negative buzz in the technical community, as administrators begin to fear for their jobs. Apps and outsourcing will undoubtedly reduce IT costs in the long run, thus the demand for a system network administrator on a company's IT team is shrinking more and more.

Embrace Advancements in Business Technology

There are experts that disagree with the idea that cloud computing is a threat to the role of a system network administrator in a company. These experts acknowledge that the roles are changing, but not being eliminated. In order to stay relevant in a company, an administrator simply needs to adapt to the demands of the virtual cloud network.

The main role of a system network administrator in the new virtual networks is to take the recommendations of the cloud service providers and fine-tune them to fit the individual needs of the company. To do this, administrators simply need to educate themselves on the type of cloud their company is considering, and the ins and outs of the apps that will be running the virtual system.

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