How Cloud Wi-Fi is Becoming a Major Tool for a Cloud-Based Network Management System

| December 27, 2013

Network Management System Maintenance & Monitoring

A network administrator’s job can be complicated without the right tools, especially if they don’t have a capable IT team supporting them. This position becomes even more challenging for administrators who are learning to adjust to network administration within a cloud environment. Fortunately, there are companies that are working on ways to simplify the process, such as using Cloud Wi-Fi for network management system maintenance and operations applications.

The Beauty of Cloud Wi-Fi

As the name suggests, Cloud Wi-Fi is a cloud-based wireless Internet connection that companies can use to run their applications and operations for faster and more reliable service. Companies invest in a cloud-based Wi-Fi service that suits their needs and their budget to avoid the hassle and expense of hosting individual hardware and Wi-Fi software through a third-party provider. Many cloud providers have some type of Cloud Wi-Fi service, so it’s easy for companies looking to utilize cloud-based Internet as well.

How is Cloud Wi-Fi Improving Cloud-Based Network Management System Operations?

Cloud Wi-Fi is an inexpensive Internet option for companies of all sizes. When it comes to bandwidth usage, it is simply a matter of increasing the plan with a cloud provider to get more access instead of installing more servers or access points as with traditional Wi-Fi connections. Another benefit is that Cloud Wi-Fi connections through a cloud provider can be tailored to suit each company’s individual needs—there’s no need to purchase packages through traditional providers that may include features a company will never use.

In addition to saving money on hardware and software, Cloud Wi-Fi simplifies the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issue that many companies are having with their in-house networks. Cloud Wi-Fi provides a detailed report of how many devices are logging in, from where, and how long they are staying connected.

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