Choosing the Right Server Monitoring Service for Your Business

| July 3, 2013

Server monitoring: A necessary service to prevent security breaches and protect traffic-driven websites

When researching server monitoring services, it’s essential to choose a provider that fits your needs as well as your budget. While all server monitoring service providers will incorporate some of the tasks you need performed, only a select few will be able to provide every service you need, making it even more beneficial to shop around before settling with a provider.

Providers to Consider

Nimsoft is a well-known company that has been around for years. An industry leader in traffic and server monitoring, Nimsoft has just released two new services made specifically for cloud users. The first is an upgrade of their existing server monitoring tools to incorporate SaaS monitoring. The second is called Nimsoft On-Demand, a server monitoring service that eliminates the hassle of having to set up an entire infrastructure for additional software.

For smaller companies looking for the On-Demand option without the added cost of carrying a major brand name, newcomer Pingdom serves as a close second to Nimsoft in the server monitoring On-Demand arena. The software is simple and easy to use across various industries, with an excellent customer service call center accessible 24/7.

Bijk is another newer company that’s quickly making a name for itself. It has all but captured the market for companies wanting real-time results that they can access remotely or in-house. Bijk is best known for delivering apache status, CPU, and similar server metrics, particularly useful when doing business in the cloud. Another reason for its quick success is that Bijk is very upfront about their pricing and packages, no matter how many servers are included.

Companies with a tight budget and a smaller system will want to research MonitorGrid. A powerful server monitoring service, this provider also monitors up to two Windows-powered servers without charge.

Most server monitoring companies will offer limited-time free trials to new customers. This is the easiest way to shop around for the right service for your company without forgoing monitoring tools or spending excess money on a service that can’t cater to your company’s needs.

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