Areas Where Companies Using Services of Cloud Computing Will Grow

| March 6, 2013

The cloud is here, and it's not going away anytime soon. While many sectors have hesitated to enter this brave new world, they are increasingly diving in. Let's take a look at some areas where cloud computing services are expected to grow in the coming years.

1. Government Expansion of Services of Cloud Computing

The U.S. government's cloud first edict means agencies will increasingly look to the cloud for new programs. Even without that proclamation, though, budget constraints at all levels of government will likely render expansion into the cloud necessary. As with any government change, there is a great deal of red tape involved, and making the systems work together will prove to be a challenge. But the potential cost savings will demand that governments grow quickly into this area.

2. The Financial Industry Utilizing Services of Cloud Computing

The only thing preventing more financial services companies from moving into the cloud is security concerns. Cloud service providers are doing more to address those concerns, and private and hybrid clouds are creating more options as well. Because many companies work on the independent consultant model, it just makes sense to leverage the cloud's scalability to grow these individual businesses quickly.

3. Retail Operations Learning to Leverage Services of Cloud Computing

Online shopping has grown steadily, and brick-and-mortar retail operations have suffered as a result. The big box stores are not going anywhere, but growth in retail cloud computing will continue and shift in two important ways. First, more small retailers will turn to cloud operations as a way to save money, crucial to competing with larger establishments. Second, the large retail companies will find ways for their online operations to complement their store operations. This has been an ongoing struggle as retailers resist turning their stores into showrooms, but developing the cohesive presence is essential to growing a thriving retail business.

4. Services of Cloud Computing in Education

College bookstores and college courses have begun moving online in the last decade. The classroom will never go away completely, but its reach is growing with distance learning options. And with textbook prices growing exponentially, online markets have thrived. Intellectual property law is always catching up with technology, which has slowed this movement to date, but moving more education into the cloud seems inevitable.

5. Legal Services Growing in the Cloud

The employment outlook for lawyers remains somewhat bleak, as the pool of new attorneys expands with each graduating class. With bright graduates looking for ways to recoup their investments, more options will inevitably emerge in the cloud. Legal Zoom is a pioneer in cloud-based legal assistance, and an explosion in this area seems likely.

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